The Secret Art of Mead Making Revealed


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About Mead
Mead is wine that is made with honey rather than grapes and it has a distinct sweetness and full bodied richness that can't be had from grape derived wine. It is famous for being the drink of choice during medieval times and it is now gaining a renaissance in popularity.

And mead is also famous for its flexibility in the fermenting. You can make it with any number of fruits or spices - giving it a wonderful varied flavor.

About This Book
Mead is not difficult to make and you can brew up your first batch in an hour. All it really takes is water, honey, and yeast. And this book is a clearly written guide to how to do it.

It has clear step by step directions on how to make five different types of mead including a spice mead, a fruit mead, a plain honey flavored mead and even a sparkling mead.

The book includes a short history of mead, a look at the different types and flavors you can make, a guide to the equipment needed (which isn't much), and a frequently asked questions section.

Mead is a drink that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries but now the secret to how to easily make it has been revealed in this book.

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