EcoGrowler (64oz)

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EcoGrowler has no airspace so you can expect a shelf life far longer than glass alternatives. For optimum results the EcoGrowler must remain cold. Eliminating oxygen and light are two essential elements in preserving the taste of beer. Wet-seal the EcoGrowler by squeezing out all the air. The container is safety sealed by tightening the cap down on the fluid (with no airspace remaining in the growler). Once the EcoGrowler cap is screwed down tight there is little or no airspace, meaning a greatly reduced exposure of the contents to oxygen. The oxygen scavenger cap absorbs any excess oxygen trapped inside the pouch in. This specialized feature is significantly beneficial to the shelf life and fresh flavor of your beer. A unique, proprietary, laminated structure which is FDA approved, and includes (but is not limited to) PET/AL/NY/LLDPE. Nylon allows the growler to stretch into rigidity. The inner foil layer protects the contents of the pouch as a CO2 barrier. The outer layer is an abrasion proof coating which allows our containers to be shipped next to each other without abrasion damage. The unique, organoleptic film ensures absolutely no taste alteration of your product. The dense, patented film structure is designed to handle the pouch "stretch" after filling and carbonation expansion to rigidity. The interior or "contact" layer is like a vault for flavor, protecting the subtle nuances of the contents. Unlike a bottle, the filling process is such that there is no headspace upon sealing the container. A growler filling tube is commonly used to fill from the bottom up, and reduces the amount of CO2 released in the growler. When using a growler filling tube, a seal such as a drilled rubber stopper between the tube and spout will aid in stretching the container and filling it to capacity. Clean and sanitize just as you would any other beer growler.


  • Collapsible
  • Reuseable
  • Protect beer from light and oxidation
  • Keeps beer fresh 2-3x longer than glass
  • Use where glass can't go

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