co2 Dual Gauge Regulator High Performance


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Robust design delivers performance and reliability. Extremely durable and user friendly polycarbonate bonnets make adjustments a snap! Pull cap to adjust the pressure and push back to lock it in. High CO2 volumetric flow provides continuity in product dispensing. This primary regulator connects directly to its gas source so it's ready to rock! Recommended operating pressure should be limited to 2/3 of the gauge range for maximum accuracy. UL approved per UL252 class IV rating for CO2. Polycarbonate bonnet will not chip, break or fade. 10 Micron filter built in to keep contaminants out of regulator.Taprite regulators are used throughout the beverage industry. This regulator is the most consistently accurate and well built regulator on the market. This unit stays on pressure even when your CO2 tank level does down. Approved for use by all major beer distributors and breweries. Shutoff valve is a ball type check valve that prevents product back-flow into the regulator and tank. Solid brass with extra long nipple. Regulator has pressure safety system (burst at 55 to 60 PSI). Permanent quad ring seal on inlet nipple helps eliminate a source of leaks... no need to use a new fiber washer each time tank is changed. Regulator will be double boxed to avoid any damage in transit.


  • Dual pressure gauges - CO2 tank and keg pressure
  • Integrated 5/16 barb outlet with check valve to prevent backflow
  • 0-50 PSI range, 60 lb & 2000 lb gauges
  • Duck-bill shutoff, check valve, and a red easy adjustment cap

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