June 13, 2015

Beer Cellaring Guide from CraftBeer.com

In this article or beer cellaring guide , award winning beer writer Patrick Dawson gives us quick overview of what to look for in a beer that you plan on ageing. Not everything gets better with age and this is especially true for beer. Certain styles lend themselves to cellaring more than others. You can’t just pick random […]

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June 9, 2015

Obama Drinks Beer for Breakfast in Germany

It has been reported by Yahoo News that Obama drinks beer for breakfast in Germany. Apparently the president subscribes to the same theory regarding beer that I do. Any beer consumed prior to 12pm is medicinal. Apparently the president won’t touch a non-alcoholic beer either. “I’m not aware of what kind of beer the president was […]

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Jailhouse Ginger Beer

As an operative for the Brewminati it is not inconceivable that one could wind up spending some time in the clink. For those occasions we have this simple recipe for alcoholic ginger beer. A well brewed ginger beer can help ingratiate you to both guards and prisoners alike, as well as keep you healthy due […]

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