June 9, 2015

Obama Drinks Beer for Breakfast in Germany

It has been reported by Yahoo News that Obama drinks beer for breakfast in Germany. Apparently the president subscribes to the same theory regarding beer that I do. Any beer consumed prior to 12pm is medicinal. Apparently the president won’t touch a non-alcoholic beer either.

“I’m not aware of what kind of beer the president was served, but I’m confident that he did not order a nonalcoholic beer,”White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters. “I don’t know what he was eventually served. But I would be very, very surprised if he ordered a nonalcoholic beer — even after an overnight flight on a Sunday morning.”
Also like me, the president enjoys a good Weisse. Maybe these meetings will produce something useful.

The brewery even renamed the wheat beer “Summit Weissbier” in honor of the G-7.

Whatever it was, the president clearly enjoyed it.

“We should have all our summit meetings in this incredible village and drink beer,” Obama said.

The president is really starting to make some sense. His attitude toward beer is as refreshing as a good Weissebier…

Obama Knocks Back a Beer with Breakfast Before G-7

President Barack Obama toasts local villagers in Kruen, southern Germany, prior to the G-7 summit. (Photo: Markus Schreiber/AP)

These days, it seems President Barack Obama can’t even enjoy a beer without controversy.

On Sunday morning ahead of the G-7 summit, Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the village of Kruen, where they enjoyed a traditional Bavarian breakfast replete with sausages, pretzels, alpenhorns, men dressed in lederhosen and, yes, beer.

“When I first heard Angela was hosting the G-7 in Bavaria, I was hoping that it would fall during Oktoberfest,” Obama said. “But, then again, there’s never a bad day for a beer and a weisswurst.”

Obama drinks beer for breakfast in Germany

President Obama drinks a beer in Kruen, southern Germany, prior to the start of the G-7 summit. (Photo: Markus Schreiber/AP)

Not surprisingly, photos of the president knocking back a tall beer at 11 a.m. local time — about an hour before the socially accepted time for alcohol consumption in the United States — lit up social media.

“Why is Barack Obama drinking beer at 11am?” the Drudge Report tweeted.

But Kruen Mayor Thomas Schwarzenberger told a Dutch news agency that the beer they served was nonalcoholic at the request of German and U.S. officials.

If it was nonalcoholic, the White House said, Obama didn’t order it.

I have to admit that that looks like a mouth watering weisse… Now you see just how influential the Brewminati has become. We have got presidents and other world leaders drinking beer for breakfast! Just imagine the positive influence a good weisse could have on the world’s economy… Read the entire article at Yahoo News

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