June 29, 2015

Man Builds a Beer Bottle Office From His Empties

I drink a lot of beer, much the chagrin of my wife I’ve even managed to make it part of my job, but this guy has taken it to a whole new level. He has built the office for his design studio out of 8500 empty beer bottles.  At 12 beers a day this would take around two years of solid drinking to construct, plus breakage from trying to build a beer bottle office after drinking twelve beers. Apparently this guy did it with his dad in four short months. Now that’s father and son teamwork.

I want to build an office which combines artistic beauty with pragmatism

Indeed. From http://china.org.cn/china/2015-06/29/content_35931106.htm

As swarms of recent university graduates fight to land a decent job, a young man who majored in architecture tried something different: He started his own business by building an office from thousands of used beer bottles.
The top level of the two-story structure is made of 8,500 beer bottles in 40 layers, while the bottom floor is built with mud and brick. Each of the the 29 square meter structure’s stories is 2.8 meters high.Li Rongjun, who graduated from the Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology this year.

“It is prettier at night. When the lights go on, the room looks radiant and the green light reaches as far as the road,” neighbor Li Yan said.

Li Rongjun plans to establish a design studio to help people build creative and comfortable houses. However he only wants to sell his ideas and does not want to draw the design himself. He wants to attract designers and investors with this creative structure built with beer bottles.

It took Li and his father more than four months to build the office, and cost over 70,000 yuan ($11,275), according to his father.

The beer-bottle structure could be considered an artistic creation but not a product to be marketed, according to an expert. “The top level has no load bearing wall and the weight the beer bottles could carry is limited, thus the structure may collapse,” said Tang Zhe, an architect with a local design company in Chongqing.

This has given me a really cool idea for a bomber tap room. Anyone want to contribute the 8,000 bombers?

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