Hank the Beer Tank My New Best Friend

Meet Hank the Beer Tank. No it's not a new Will Ferrell character. Hank is a mobile kegerator that allows you to bring 55 12 oz glasses of your favorite brew with you anywhere you go.

Hank's specs

  • Accomodates 1/6 bbl keg (55 twelve ounce pours)
  • Can be run off any power source (12-24AC; 120-240DC)
  • Advanced compressor chiller thermostat ensures exact temperatures (0-41 degrees)

Hank the Beer Tank

Hank can be powered by the 12V lighter socket in your car, the 24V power on a boat as well as your standard 120V household socket, so he is a truly party anywhere kind of guy. Hank is still in development and will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in June . I for one can't wait to meet Hank.

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