July 14, 2015

Beer Biofuel – It’s Not Just for Humans

It’s official, you can now do your part to save the planet by drinking beer. An adventurous company from New Zealand is making beer biofuel by fermenting the waste produced by breweries in refining it in biofuel or “Brewtroleum”.

Beer Biofuel

From City Lab:

Beer—is there anything it can’t do?

You can chug it to improve the watchability of baseball, use it to de-ice roads, and now even power your car with it, thanks to the New Zealand biofuel “Brewtroleum.” The ethanol used in the greener gas, which was dreamed up byDB Export, is derived from leftovers of the brewing process, chiefly grain and yeast.

The company calls it the “world’s first commercially available biofuel” derived from beer, and an Internet search seems to confirm the boast. However, researchers have long dreamed of manufacturing a suds-based fuel. The stuff produces a lot fewer greenhouse gases than petroleum. And making ethanol with fermentation waste is reportedly better for the planet than relying on standard production methods, such as growing vast fields of corn.

Now my car can run on beer as well – amazing.

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